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Yeshiva Shabbaton in the Craig Henry Neighborhood

This past Shabbos, Parshas Vayetzei, the students of OTI were hosted at Congregation Beit Tikvah in Craig Henry for an amazing Shabbaton experience. Starting off with a beautiful Kabbalas Shabbos led by Chazzan Yair Subar, the Yeshiva students all walked together to the home of Rabbi and Mrs. Harris for a delicious meal prepared by Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Mandel, to whom many thanks go out. The atmosphere was relaxed and the air was filled with the sound of boys and Rabbeim joyfully singing Zemiros. Following the dinner, the students listened to inspiring Divrei Torah delivered by Zecharya Greiniman and Joseph Ostrovsky. They then returned to the shul for an informative shiur delivered by the Rav of Beit Tikvah, Rabbi Finkelstein on the topic of the prohibition of lying in halachah and hashkafah, using sources gleaned from Shas, Rishonim, and poskim. An Oneg Shabbos followed the shiur, and featured nosh and fruits along with the boys playing the “Nervous Numbers” game, which brought out the best of their focus and concentration skills.

Shabbos morning Rabbi Harris’s home was open for pre-davening coffee, followed by Shacharis and Musaf at the shul. The amazing Seudas Shabbos featured Divrei Torah by Zevi Goldbaum and Ahron Shlomo Galandauer. Oneg Shabbos was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stan Aaron and Shalosh Seudos back at Beit Tikvah was all homemade by Rebbetzin Finkelstein. Shmuel Benzaquen spoke eloquently about the power of even small actions done by an individual, and thanked the Yeshiva for all it has done for him this year. Right after Shabbos, the boys quickly got ready for the 3-on-3 basketball tournament at the SJCC. Each team played their hardest to make it to the final round. The final game was between Team Benzaquen and Team Fhima. With Fhima in the lead 4-1 it looked like a done deal. But then, Team Benzaquen pulled ahead and tied it up at 6-6. Not willing to be beat, Captain Fhima skilfully outmaneuvered his defenders and hit the jumpshot to win the game! Everyone was so happily exhausted when they came upstairs to the hot Melave Malka buffet waiting from them, provided by Pizza Pita of Montreal. The night was not over yet, though. After benching, it was time for fun in the pool! It was great way to end an amazing, inspiring, and achdus-filled Shabbaton. Stay tuned for the next one….

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