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Special Guest Lecture by Rabbi Avraham Juravel of the OU

Rabbi Avraham Juravel serves as supervisor of technical services for the Orthodox Union (OU) and as “honorary chief rabbi of Idaho Falls.” Rabbi Juravel has been overseeing technical services for OU Kosher for more than twenty years. This week, the Yeshiva had the honour and privilege of hearing him address the talmidim after davening. “What goes in your mouth, affects you as a person!” said Rabbi Juravel. Besides the Hashkafa and Halachos that go into modern day Kashrus certification, Rabbi Juravel kept the students spell-bound by some of the stories he witnessed in his travels across the globe. Thank you Rabbi Juravel and thank you Rabbi Levi Teitelbaum, Director of the Ottawa Vaad HaKashrut (OVH), for arranging the shiur!

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