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OTI Chanuka Mesiba

As we all know, Chanukah will be starting this coming Saturday Night, December 24. In Honour of Chanukah, OTI held their Chanukah Mesiba, this past Thursday night December 22. In attendance were the current OTI students, Grade 8 students, parents, Judaic Staff, Secular Staff and our esteemed board members.

The evening started with Maariv services followed by an opening remarks by Rabbi Harris who welcomed everyone and spoke about the importance of the lighting of the menorah, how it relates to the eternity of the Jewish nation. Following his remarks we were privileged to watch an incredible Chanukah performance from The Stars of David, OTI’s music class band. Special thanks to our music teacher, Dr. Gitter, who worked so hard preparing our students for the performance. Following the performance, everyone enjoyed a dairy buffet. While everyone was enjoying the delicious food, we had the privilege to have dinner music being played in the background by Beis Medrash student, Jeremy Levy on the piano and vocals by Beis Medrash student Nesanel Cohen. We had the privilege to hear a few words from our very own students. Jacob Aaron, representing the High School, spoke about the importance of surrounding one self with Mitzvos. Aharon Dovid Heisler, representing the Beis Medrash, spoke about seeing G-d’s hand in our daily life. After dessert was served, we all watched the OTI Chanukah video, which showed all of the events of the year thus far.
It was really an enjoyable evening!

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