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Second Semester welcomes veteran French and English teachers

Our second semester began with Grade 9 taking English and French in addition to Mathematics. Mr. Larry Peters taught at the prestigious Lisgar Collegiate Institute for 28 years, and brings his erudition and love of language to our English department. Mr. Martin Samuels is the former adviser on language policy at the Bank of Canada. His expertise is French literature and language.

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Trip to War Museum caps unit on Canada’s role in WWI and WWII

Mr. Michael Beall teaches 9th grade history and wanted to make a greater impact on his students. He took the class to the Canadian War Museum in Downtown Ottawa. Special attention was paid to the exhibits depicting the two World Wars including the Nazi rise to power and Canada’s response. The visual and tactile experience helped the students incorporate the lessons learned into their everyday lives.

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Mishmar Learning enhanced by homemade cholent

Thursday Night January 15 featured a voluntary Night Seder with all students attending and learning together with enthusiasm. To bring the taste of Shabbos into their learning, they were then treated to a delicious pot of homemade hot cholent.

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