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End of the Year Kayaking Trip and BBQ

IMG_2356 (Medium)To end the school year off with a special trip, on the last day of classes we had regular morning seder until noon. After a quick lunch, we drove to Dow’s lake were we rented three kayaks and a canoe. Under a bright blue sunny sky, the boys worked hard paddling across the lake to the famous Rideau Canal. It’s hard to imagine that in the winter it was completely frozen for skating! After about an hour and a half, we reached the Chateau Laurier and took some stunning pictures with that stately edifice in the background. Heading back was a bit more difficult considering we now had to paddle against the tide. When we finally made it back to the lake, we felt great after such a terrific workout. Arriving at 903 Rex, we found Daniel and Aharon Shlomo at the BBQ making sure the burgers were ready for dinner. Everyone enjoyed the delicious franks and burgers straight off the Galandauer’s grill, topped off with cole slaw and watermelon. The talmidim all gathered around for a heart-warming kumzitz and we wrapped up with bentching and wishing each other a great summer!

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