Hidden talents Revealed @ Afterhours Confidence-Building Exercise

The OTI Melave Malka on Motzei Shabbos was an amazing success! NCSY graciously allowed the Yeshiva to enjoy the wonderful Torah High lounge and ice cream bar as the location for the event. The evening began with two exciting learning options – Rabbi Harris’s challenging shiur on the complex legal mechanism of “Migu” or Rabbi Mandel’s fascinating discussion of the halachic implications and scenarios of a “Golem”. The boys were then treated to an inspiring and confidence-building activity led by Reb Gavriel Scarowsky who proved that we can all succeed and overcome any challenge in life, if we put our mind to believe in our own abilities. He taught each student to focus and concentrate as they smashed a solid block of wood into two pieces. The delicious pizza and fries were then relished together with some spirited dancing and singing. An amazing time was had by all, and the powerful message was deeply internalized. We are very thankful to NCSY for allowing us to use their facility. We look forward to the next exciting event in the upcoming school year.

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