Limudei Kodesh

Limudei Kodesh

Gemara B’Iyun

One Masechta is studied for each of a student’s four years at OTI. The Gemara’s reasoning process, methodology, etymology and legal application are encountered and absorbed.

Gemara Bekiyus

After the iyun shiur, a different perek or masechta is studied at a quicker pace, focusing on the reading, structure, and shakla v’tarya of the gemara, rashi, and select tosafos. Talmidim thereby begin acquiring the background knowledge of Torah She’ba’al Peh as well as the skills to analyze and absorb larger amounts of material.


Sefer Bereishis, Shemos, and Vayikra are completed in the four grades, combining a sugya methodology with reading and textual skills throughout this Ministry of Education accredited course. The Talmidim are exposed to the thinking process and nuanced approach of the classic Rishonim and select Acharonim such as Rashi, Ramban, Seforno.


Practical text-based instruction in day-to-day Jewish living with thematic attention given to underlying principles.


Understanding the human condition, our relationship and interactions with Hashem and those around us is accomplished through a variety of contexts, including the study of Mussar texts, Chumash classes, a weekly Mussar discourse, group learning and informal individual sessions.