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Lag Ba’omer Hike to Luskville Falls Trail

[masterslider id=”3″] For Lag Ba’omer, the OTI Rabbeim and Students headed out to the town of Luskville, Quebec located in the mountainous reserve of Gatineau Park. The Luskville Falls Trail climbs 290 meters up the Eardley Escarpment.  All along the trail, the Luskville Falls flows over the escarpment, a unique natural habitat. The lower part of the falls is almost vertical and, below that, a stream winds its way from the base of the falls. About halfway up, we reached the Pontiac Lookout which provides a panoramic view of the Ottawa Valley. We stood silently marveling at the…

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War Museum Trip

Trip to War Museum Trip to War Museum caps unit on Canada’s role in WWI and WWII Mr. Michael Beall teaches 9th grade history and wanted to make a greater impact on his students. He took the class to the Canadian War Museum in Downtown Ottawa. Special attention was paid to the exhibits depicting the two World Wars including the Nazi rise to power and Canada’s response. The visual and tactile experience helped the students incorporate the lessons learned into their everyday lives. Read More