Ottawa Torah Institute

Discover Excellence in Jewish Education

At the Yeshiva of Ottawa – Ottawa Torah Institute, we understand the needs of today’s bochur. Like a caring family, our warm and devoted Rabbeim create a rock-solid foundation for your son to realize his maximum potential as a ben Torah. As an affiliate of the esteemed Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens, our Yeshiva is steeped in a deep-rooted mesorah of generating growth in Torah, middos, and self-awareness, especially during the power-packed teenage years. The top-notch Secular Studies department will prepare him for whatever career path he may choose. With its close proximity to Montreal and Toronto, the Yeshiva takes great pride in its bochurim who posses a growth-oriented mindset and are looking to develop and shteig.

Growth in Limudei Kodesh

An integral aspect of a young man’s development as a ben Torah is his growth in the areas of bein adam l’chaveiro and bein adam l’atzmo. By utilizing the Mussar approach for which Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and its branches is known, our talmidim are given the tools to grow and foster positive habits as well as healthy and meaningful relationships with others and with Hashem.

It is amazing to see the way our son has grown since entering OTI. He has become a more confident, successful student who enjoys learning and enthusiastically goes to Yeshiva every morning! Having role models such as Rabbi Harris and Rabbi Mandel, who he feels comfortable talking to about anything, gives us a sense of security.

Rabbi Yisroel and Rochel Goldbaum


This Yeshiva is the answer to all our needs for our son. With Chofetz Chaim, and in particular with Rabbis Harris and Mandel, we are assured of both a strong Jewish and secular education. OTI fills the needs of not just the Ottawa Jewish community, but also Montreal’s and Toronto’s. Its presence fills a previously existing void in our communities.

Mrs. Orly Aaron


I am very excited by the much needed option that is now available for our Montreal boys. Knowing the new Roshei Yeshiva I am confident they will produce exceptional Bnei Torah with pure and erliche middos tovos.


Rabbi Yehuda Baddouch

Rosh Kollel Chouva Yisrael, Cote St. Luc, QC

Rabbi Harris teaches Gemara in a way I have never experienced. All of my peers find his style exhilarating. The thinking and creativity of the students is nurtured and not crushed. In a sense, the input of the students sets the direction of the class.


Shmuel Benzaquen


Comprehensive Secular Studies

OTI maintains secular excellence, focusing in the sciences, languages, and math. The teachers are concerned for every student making sure that the topics are imparted to the students passionately and comprehensively, and that every student is is able to learn according to his strengths. The teachers also ensure that students are challenged and motivated empowering them with a work ethic that allows them to tackle subjects and courses found in University and other post-secondary institutions. Student leadership and initiative also flourish in OTI through our extracurriculars and the strong relationship between the students and the administration, through which the students are involved in the school decision-making process and educational activities.